Athletics Courses

We recognise that the on going development of coaches, officials, young leaders and club administrators is key for the sport to continue to flourish. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is placed on providing local courses right here in the County.

Planned courses are shown below and updated at regular points during the year, but if you can't find the course you are looking for, or need some advice, Contact Us and we'll do our best to help.

Further information, including a coaching decision tree, can also be found here     

FREE Officials' Courses

Cost for Athletics Norfolk affiliated Clubs: FREE (Unaffiliated cost: £20 per discipline, £10 for health & safety).  

You must email to receive your FREE voucher code before booking. 

Minimum Age: 14

A one day course that will allow the candidate to work under the supervision of a qualified official in the specific discipline with a view to becoming a qualified technical official. Disciplines include: track judge, field judge and timekeeper.

Dates: 4th November

Location: Sportspark, Norwich

Booking deadline: 26th October

Booking link: Click here

Coaching Assistant Course

Cost for England Athletics Affiliated Club Member: £185 (Unaffiliated cost: £245)  

Minimum Age: 16

This qualification begins the preparation to take a coaching role working under the supervision of a Coach, or working from a UKA task card or session plan written by the supervising Coach.  The basic biomechanics and an introduction to some of the detail of athletics events will be taught.

Dates: 8th & 9th December

Location: Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, Bury

Booking deadline: 23rd November

Booking link: Click here

Athletics Coach Course

Cost for England Athletics Affiliated Club Member: £270 (Unaffiliated cost: £435)  

Minimum Age: 18

Candidates will be able to plan a progressive training programme for athletes coaching a range of activities to prepare the developing athlete to run, jump and throw. When qualified you will be insured to coach without supervision.

Dates: 17th & 18th November

Location: Lynnsport, King's Lynn

Booking deadline: 2nd November

Booking link: Click here

Leadership in Running Fitness Course

Cost for England Athletics Affiliated Member: £140 (Unaffiliated cost: £160) 

Minimum age: 18

A one day leadership training course which qualifies and insures leaders to deliver safe and fun running sessions, suitable for running club leaders and other group leaders.  It will enable you to give advice and support to the new runner, as well as developing pathways for those that want to progress.  It focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club.  It is a legal requirement that you also have a DBS check with UK athletics.

Dates: 9th December

Location: Easton & Otley College, Norwich

Booking deadline: 23rd November

Booking link: Click here

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